Raven and The Smirk



Anvil Island Design artist Jack Willoughby


Raven has a place in the stories of many cultures, taking on roles that are both positive and negative, depending on the personal journey of those who encounter him. Alternately seen as Trickster or Teacher, your perception of Raven will depend upon whether you have learned your lesson or if you still need to do some personal work.

In my knowledge and experience, Raven prompts us to be more aware of our inner workings; to explore and acknowledge our feelings, thoughts, and perceptions; to examine our motivations and understand our place in the conflicts we experience.

Raven is a strong indicator that it is crucial to detach from your emotions and fears to simply observe. When you follow Raven’s guidance, you learn to be persistent and find a way to untangle the knots of your inner and outer life, revealing healing truths and resolution to conflicts. Raven will show you how to change as well as how to move through changes that are happening and impacting your life.

Raven will go to great lengths to find and reveal truth in order to set things right for family and community wellbeing.

The story of How Raven Stole the Sun shows this.

Raven has been with me a lot lately, taking turns with Heron to perch on my rooftop and fly close enough that I can see the iridescent sheen of his wing feathers.



Grandmother in the North


Of particular note, Raven is with me whenever I am contemplating my role as grandmother and when I am focused on moving toward the medicine I am working with on my progress toward the North of the Medicine Wheel.

Part of the work we do in the north is learning to understand the dynamic of Hunter/Hunted and the conflict between the needs of two beings. Interestingly, it has been noted that those whose totem is Raven, are gifted Hunters. This is likely because they notice details of habits and behaviours, making it easy for them to track and capture their quarry.

Raven is known for being a trickster and master magician (those whose totem is Raven are often perceived as mysterious and off-putting). But Raven is only a mystery and can only trick those who have not yet learned to consider the deeper needs and motivations of themselves and others.

The power of Raven is in the ability to see through the facade people create, the role they play for others in order to manipulate them into doing or giving them what they want. The power of Raven is understanding what lies beneath appearances and waiting for the opportunity to nudge it out into the open for others to see clearly.

Recently, I found myself in a high conflict and emotionally distressing meeting. Raven came and sat near me, overseeing the proceedings. 36133102 - ravenI was comforted by his presence and remembered that with calm observation, I would be able to see through the confusion of conflicting opinions and motivations to the Truth of the situation. I smiled to myself and to Raven, inwardly expressing gratitude for the reminder that there are always greater powers than myself at work and aligning with them will help to achieve the best possible outcome.

I held my tongue and let others fill the space with their words, revealing their true motivation and feelings.

Raven cued me to pause and listen, to observe and notice the details of the people, their words, their body language, and their actions. As the Keeper of Secrets and Bringer of Light, Raven knows that people will reveal their secrets and motivations if given the space to do so. With that knowledge, we have a greater chance of successfully taking the right action and saying the right words, which will put positive change into motion.



The Smirk


And so I smiled to myself, confident that the lies would be identified and truth revealed. 

I have often been criticized for that still, small smile. Those who feel insecure by the quiet confidence in my smile call it a smirk, implying that it is secretive, misleading, or disrespectful. It puts them off guard without me saying a word, so that they fill the silence between us with everything that underlies the thin facade they present to the world.

Thank you, Raven, for giving me the confidence to trust in silent observation.




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  1. grendaliskingsite
    Feb 05, 2018 @ 07:57:01

    Another great post, thank you. I have always thought of both Raven and Crow in a good light, one as teacher and the other as messenger.


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